Few ways to improve your posture

Poor posture and movement of the body can bring out different health issues which are hard to recover. Sitting and standing with the proper posture and alignment are important to work efficiently without any fatigue and strains. People who work for a long time sitting or standing in one particular place face a lot of problems in their muscles and spine. As good posture helps you to keep your joints and bones in the right alignment, you can use your muscles properly while working. Good posture helps you to stand, sit and lay in the position where the other parts of your body support your muscle and ligament while moving.  Apart from that good posture improves the blood circulation and the digestion system. It helps you look confident and smart. In the workplace and the other places, good posture is the indication of smartness and confidence which helps you to do different things efficiently and confidently.


Those who have problems with posture can improve it in different ways. One can easily take few exercises to improve the posture at home. These exercise takes very short time but helps you a lot to improve your overall performance on work and the other things. There are many ways to improve the posture. Here I am discussing few exercises which are great to improve the posture.

Crunch with twist

Crunch with the twist is the effective way to improve your posture. This exercise is very easy and takes very short time to complete. To do this exercise, you have to lie on your back and place your hands behind your head. While laying on your back, you have to bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the floor. Keeping your body in this position, you have to lift your right shoulder rotating to the left. You have to do it in the opposite direction. Completing one rep every day you will get the right posture.

Back extension

You have to strengthen your back if you want to learn how to improve the posture. To do the exercise of your back extension, you need to lie your face down on the mat. Then you have to extend your arms above your heads. Being in this position, you have to lift your shoulder in your possible reach from the shoulder. Then you have to return to your position on the floor back. Doing this for several times in a day, you can improve your posture easily.

These are two simple ways to improve your posture. But you can do more exercises like planks dumbbell side bends, pilates workout, shoulder roll, seated twist and so on. To enjoy healthy and happy life, you should improve your posture following these exercises. These exercise can always be supplemented with a recomended posture corrective brace for better results.